Unveils the Most Physically Fit Cities

Top 25 Fittest Cities

New York City, 1/08/12 – Like every January 1st before it, 2012 saw no lack of people rushing to join a gym and get started on their new year’s resolution. However as the first quarter of the year comes to a close, the number one online source for gyms, decided to research and publish its list of top 50 fittest cities based on the number of people who have joined a gym since the New Year.

Here’s how the top 25 ranked based on the percent of the population that joined a gym:
1.Boston, MA7.8%
2.Miami, FL4.8%
3.Washington, DC4.6%
4.Minneapolis, MN4.4%
5.Baltimore, MD2.8%
6.Mesa, AZ2.8%
7.Portland, OR2.7%
8.Oakland, CA2.6%
9.Seattle, WA2.6%
10.Atlanta, GA2.6%
11.Sacramento, CA2.4%
12.Louisville, KY2.4%
13.New Orleans, LA2.4%
14.Philadelphia, PA2.4%
15.Cleveland, OH2.3%
16.Las Vegas, NV2.2%
17.Columbus, OH2.1%
18.San Francisco, CA2.1%
19.New York, NY2.0%
20.Oklahoma City, OK2.0%
21.Arlington, TX2.0%
22.San Jose, CA1.8%
23.Kansas City, MO1.7%
24.Chicago, IL1.6%
25.Milwaukee, WI1.6% is the leading online destination for people looking to join gyms or health clubs. Since its launch in 2006 has provided qualified sales leads for over 4,500 gyms across the country.