Know Your Options: Initial Research & Finding Gyms Near You

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Whether you are getting into working out for the first time, or you’ve recently moved and need to join a club, in order to select the perfect gym, you need to know your options. And given the rapid increase in number of health clubs in the United States over the past 10 years, keeping track of those options is a tall order – (trust us, it’s something we’re somewhat familiar with, having kept dibs on the 20,000 clubs in the US).

Fortunately, we’ve put in most of the work to compile all of your options at a single point at We’ve worked hard to create a portfolio of club names, hours, locations, virtual tours, descriptions, pictures, (and of course special promotions, free passes and discounts). So, you ought to start your gym search with us, simply by
typing in your address. We’ll show you all your options.

Hopefully we’ll be able to save you some time since you’ll probably be able to rule out certain club options based on location, gender restrictions, hours, price, or photos. If your demanding schedule needs a 24 hour club (try Anytime Fitness), and the club down the street closes at 10:00pm, there’s obviously no reason to check it out. If you’d prefer a women’s only facility, you can zero in on that with GymTicket as well.

How The Club Industry is Set up

There are several different types of club organizations in the United States. Here are those different types and what you can expect from each:

  • A major national chain like Bally’s. Lots of clubs, you may get access to all them depending on the type of membership you buy.
  • A Regional Chain like Sport&Health, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Crunch or Equinox. Access levels depend on your type of membership again. These club groups are among the best run facilities and usually offer many convenient locations.
  • Franchised gyms Gold’s, World Gym, or Powerhouse Gym. These are national brands but are owned and operated by individuals. These clubs tend to offer good personal attention.
  • 24 Hour Franchised Gyms like Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness. Extremely convenient hours, access, and many locations.
  • Independently owned clubs and small groups. Many of these clubs can be quite upscale, reliable and have very elite facilities such as pools and more. These can be a perfect option. Others aren’t, so it’s critical to check out the facility and make the right choice.

We recommend trying at least three different gyms before making a decision on where to join.

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