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Pilates classes training utilizes a series of exercises that have been created with the intent of strengthening and stretching the body's core. This training mobilizes the spine and serves to improve overall flexibility. This approach was created by Joseph Pilates. Born in 1880, this trailblazer ran a New York studio in which he taught students his approach. He developed quite a following in the New York dance community, and his students included the likes of Martha Graham and George Balanchine.

Benefits of Pilates Training

Today, this training is utilized by people from all walks of life, from golfers to soccer moms. One of its primary benefits is improved body awareness. The exercises utilized in these classes force you to pay increased attention to your posture. Poor posture can and does result in a host of injuries. Of course, these injuries tend to be minor, but they often lay the groundwork for more serious and debilitating episodes. With its laser-like focus on issues related to the body's core, Pilates classes serve to nip these situations in the bud.

Finding the Right Pilates Approach

This training may be done in a gym with prescribed equipment or with a simple mat. Experts say that the equipment offers more variety of movement. The equipment is also ideal for those with physical limitations. Still, there are many benefits that come with doing this training on the mat. Experts say that if your budget allows, it's ideal to expose yourself to both these approaches on a regular basis.